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Rose Gibbs is an artist. She also writes, organises discussions and runs the community organisation Mountford Growing Community in the estate where she lives. In 2013 she was director of the One Billion Rising Arts Festival, a camapaign to end violence towards women and girls. She is a board member for Procreate Project, an organisation that provides practical support for artists, enabling them to continue producing work during pregnancy and motherhood through a range of initiatives and artistic productions. She has worked with the feminist activist group the East London Fawcett group, is currently the Arts Correspondent for The Women's Budget Group and is the co-founder of a number of collaborations (some active, others dormant) including:

WOMANHOUSE PROJECT – A cross-generational group of feminist practitioners who seek to establish a space that becomes a collaboratively made artwork. Article for The Royal Academy of Art: Womanhouse Feminism and Separatist Spaces

Practice In Dialogue – is a small working group of artists who meet on a bi-monthly basis to discuss their practice in the context of feminism and feminist art history.

The Temporary Separatists – A woman* Identified Artist Collective that seeks to explore the use of separatist collectivism as a feminist methodology in art practice. *Woman = Gender (not Female = biological 'fact').

Labours Of Love, Art Work, Care Work peer mentoring group, Cubitt Gallery supported by Artquest- lead artist


Events, Exhibitions, Writing, Talking

Getting Your Hands Dirty - (or Real Work Is Boring) - Art, Politics and Cultural Policy - essay (PDF here) and podcasts looking at the role of culture in our political climate, comissioned by KEEP IT COMPLEX

Feminist Art: Access, Activism and Representation - Feminism in London Conference

Cultural Democracy 2: Writing the Manifesto - The World Transformed, Brighton

Oxytocin Birthing the Future - Oxytocin Birthing the World Conference, RCA

Snap Broadcast Bartender, Lloyd and Wilson, Resonance FM

‘No Quick Fix’ – Contributing speaker, Status Quo Art Licks at Studio RCA

Beyond Us Versus Them - The Role of Culture in a Divided Europe - IFA, Brussels

Future Imperfect Symposium- voice workshop- University of Plymouth

Let’s Talk About Motherhood – A Workshop for the Support of Mothers and Carers –with Sara Paiola at the Women’s Art Library, Goldsmiths University

Speaking Up! Participatory Speech Workshop - Unite Against Dividers, Keep It Complex

We all Have a Problem with Representation – The Showroom, 63 Penfold St, London NW8 8PQ, 17th November 2016, 6.30-9pm
Practice in Dialogue present an experimental evening of work-in-progress performances and video work interspersed with the opportunity for drinks and conversation. We all have a problem with representation looks at the difficulties of determining self-representation in a culture that continues to present the female body for the masculinised gaze. In differing ways, the artists explore the rejection of objecthood and the positioning of the self as a thinking being in today’s culture.


Restaging the Collective: A conversational Review of Sharon Hayes In My Little Corner of the World Anyone Would Love you and Alex Martinis Roe's Our Future Network - with Rose Gibbs and Laura Castagnini For UNprojects Australia

Open House, Final Exhibition: Contributing Artist MotherHouse, Iklectik Art Lab 09.10.16

Are We Our Own Audience? Symposium: Contributing Speaker, MotherHouse, Iklectik Art Lab 01.10.15

Speak Up Workshop: Workshop exploring the power of the voice for feminist action Floating Cinema 25.09.16

Gender Generation Conference: contributing artist and speaker, concluding discussion chair The Royal College of Art 08.09.16 - 09.09.16

Artists Who Mother: Talk and discussion at V22 25.08.16

Speech Matters: Violence and the Feminist Voice - ICA blog

Speeches For Becoming: ICA workshop exploring the voice and speech making as a tool for feminist action with the capacity to both express each individuals unique 'throat of flesh' and to bring people together in unison (through protest, through song)

Tate Britain: Who's Holding the Baby? Women's art collectives past and present - Rose Gibbs presents a talk on childcare, care work and feminised labour and reflects upon the legacy of the Hackney Flashers in the context of current 'empowerment' feminism.

Collectives working Collectively: made and curated by The Temporary Separatists inviting H.arta group to work in collaboration at Gallery Box Gothenburg. Using the space as a mini residency the collective made their working processes visible to the public and invited them in to collaborate. Over a period of 10 days they held a series of discussions with curators, artists and educational groups. They then invited a second collective, H.arta, to occupy the space and build upon the work already there. Thus the very notion of an artists collective was further questioned by the interactions between the works.12.05.16- 12.06.12

Contributing Speaker: ProCreate Project Artist-Mother at Women's Art Library Goldsmiths University London 15.12.15

The Subtle Abyss: Visual Representation and Feminist Art Practice - ICA blog co-writen with Catherine Long

We Are Anti-Capiphallists: Panel Discussion ICA 18.12.15

Feminist Practices In Dialogue exhibition at the ICA co-curator and exhibiting artist 18.12.15

Feminist Practices In Dialogue publication coeditor and contributing artist - available at The Tate, Whitechapel and IC, South London Gallery, Banner Repeater bookshops

Contributing Speaker on BBC 100 Women Debates BBC World News and BBC World Service Radio: Women In Leadership 01.12.15

Women Working Collectively: What is your value?: panel discussion about past and present women's separatist art collectives ICA watch it here 09.07.15

Rose Gibbs has written about her research into past collectives for the ICA here: Circumnavigating the Patriarchy:Women's Collectives - blog

body armor  




Benevolent Sexism - Hysteria Magazine


Scandalous Nipples - written piece for Hysteria Magazine - Feminisms Radical Periodical - (without hysterical solidarity we become deluded by the composure of patriarchy)


Hierarchies and Empowerment Feminism - (what kind of feminism is this?) written piece for online zine We Are Orlando 01.04.15





Artist Talk at Gallery Box - Gothenburg, Sweden 27.02.15


Performance and Talk at Eastside Projects, Birmingham 24.02.15


Contributing Speaker (paper here) CoHabiting Contemporary Art, History and Feminism Symposium - Day and Gluckman, The Old Courthouse Brighton 10.01.15


This Has Nothing to Do With Politics - Exhibition Curated by Jack Tan at The Function Room, The Cock Tavern, 23 Phoenix Road, NW11 HB - 27.11.14

Artists: Cordelia Cembrowicz; Chris Paul Daniels; Ana Fernadez Aballi-Altamirano; Ella Finer; Rose Gibbs; Marlene Haring; Olivia Hicks; Noga Inbar; Virgile Ittah; Vesta Kroese; Ratna Lachman; Jack Tan; Ekua McMorris; Oscar Murillo; PA Skantze; Nicola Thomas; Geoff Tibbs; Richard Wentworth

Slogans For Becoming - participatory performance Rose Gibbs invited the audience to read excerpts from past feminist speeches first togehter in unison and then alone individually- exploring the use of the voice both to express collectivity through unity and individuality through each persons unique 'throat of flesh'







The Reproduction of Motherhood - Shoreditch House 27.10.14

Curated and organised by Rose Gibbs and Hannah Philp


Alison Stone - Professor of Philosophy, University of Lancaster. Author of serveral books including An Indtroduction to Feminist Philosophy, and Feminisim, Psychoanalysis and Maternal Subjectivity. Associate Editor of Hypatia:A Journal of Feminist Philosophy

Camilla Palmer - CEO of Your Employment Settlement Service, author of Maternity and Parental Rights, fee paid Employment Judge, and member of the Equal Treatment Advisory Committee

Ivana Bartoletti - Chair of the Favian Women's Netowrk and founder of its magazine Fabiana. She works for the NHS, is aUnison member and activist and stood as London MEP for the 2014 European elections.

Lisa Baraitser - Reader in Psychosocial Studies at Birkbeck, University of London. She is a psychothereapist and author of the award winning monograph Maternal Encounters: the Ethics of Interruption. She is co-founder of MaMSIE (Mapping Maternal Subjectivities, Identities and Ethics)

Leonora Wood - A freelance arts producer and consultant with expertise in cultural strategy, fundraising, marketing and event production. She founded Winkley Studio, a friendly and innovative co-working space in Bethnal Green

Katie Glass (Chair) - Columnist and feature writer for The Sunday Times Magazine


Taking Up Space - Women Only Shows

Curated and Chaired by Rose Gibbs for The Contemporary Art Societyand The East London Fawcett Group at Central Saint MartinsCollege of Art and Design 30.09.14


Iwona Blazwick OBE- Director, The Whitechapel Gallery

Sonia Boyce MBE -Artist

Caroline Douglas- Director, Contemporary Art Society

Ann Gallagher- Curator and Head of Collections Tate Britain

Professor Hilary Robinson- Dean of Art and Design, Middlesex University

Vanessa Jackson- Artist

Elizabeth Neilson- Director of The Zabludowicz Collection

Jennifer Thatcher- Art Critic







Performing Protest, Becoming Radical


Taking Judith Butler's premise that we 'perform gender', can we perform protest and become radical?

22nd June 2014 2pm-5pm

The Function Room, The Cock Tavern, 23 Phoenix Road, London, NW11HB


The Onion Discussions Speech! Speech!

a series of Sunday Lunches exploring the creative possibilities of the dinner speech


SPEECH! SPEECH! is a series of Sunday lunches exploring the creative possibilities of the dinner speech. PERFORMING PROTEST, BECOMING RADICAL takes Judith Butler's premise that we 'perform gender' and become women, and asks whether we can perform protest and become radical.

An experiment in experiencing and speaking other people's words, three orators performed three feminist speeches from past waves of feminism. The work is an enquiry into how speech feeds back into our thinking, and whether we can escape our own feedback loops by using someone else's words. It considers whether we can encounter historical performances in a way that sheds light on how we think in the present, and thus what possibilities are opened up for social change.

This work is part of a series of experiments that explore how we encounter new ideas. It explores the personal within the political, to find out if we can become something other than what/who we are. For this experiment 3 speeches were performed to an audience at the first, second and third courses of a meal. Each speech was taken from the three waves of feminism, allowing the audience to trace the progress, and note the links between those movements. Documentation and feedback can be found here.


Consciousness-Raising Group
22nd May 2013 5.30pm


Of Our Own Making
The Farm House, Wysing Arts Centre

This workshop invited a small number of people to form a Consciousness-Raising Group, based on the principals set out by The New York Radical Feminists. Taking its cue set by the group, this workshop was open to women only, but with Simone De Beauvoir’s proviso that ‘one is not born, but rather becomes a woman’. All participants were invited to become women for the duration of the workshop, requiring them to take an active and engaged role in reimagining and identifying themselves as women; thus encouraging participants to draw upon and foster their empathetic capacities. Documenation can be found here










































Artists Who Mother

Writing For


MaMSIE (Mapping Maternal Subjectivities, Identities and Ethics) is a network based at the Department of Psychosocial Studies, Birkbeck, that creates spaces for interdisciplinary conversations about motherhood and the maternal more broadly. The MaMSIE blog endeavours to create a space for critical debates surrounding the maternal, and explore the unique site it occupies at the potent intersection between scientific possibilities, psychosocial practices and cultural representations.




2013 The One Billion Rising Arts Festival

Director Rose Gibbs

Chair Nadja Romain

One Billion Rising is a campaign that seeks to end violence against women and girls. The One Billion Rising Arts Festival 2013 sought address this difficult issue through a series of events, including art exhibitions, theatre and dance events, a mini-symposium at The Royal College of Art as well as a spoken word poetry evening and film and performance nights. On V-Day The Dan Graham Pavilion at The Hayward Gallery provided a space in which to bring campaign groups, NGOs, activists to come together in solidarity with this campaign.

  Rose Gibbs' Mountain work featured in the BBC Documentary British Sculpture: Romancing the Stone Mavericks of the Empire